Youtubers you should know #1 – Rick Beato

Rick Beato is a musician, producer, and teacher. He has been an active YouTuber since May 2006 on his channel – Everything music and that is exactly what his channel is. He posts about a variety of different music topics such as Production, music theory, guitar, composition, and even music business.

In his videos, he takes on a teacher like role as he shares his insights and knowledge of music. With a long rap sheet of accolades in many musical aspects as well as many years of experience, he has a lot of valuable knowledge to share. His videos are catered to a wide audience as it accommodates viewers of every level of understanding in music. There is something for everyone in his videos.

My personal favorite thing on his channel is the “What makes this song great?” series. In these videos, he features one of his favorite songs and discusses in detail what makes it a “great” song. He addresses all aspects of the song such as the production that went into the song, where he will often solo all the different tracks in the song and discuss certain techniques that were used. He will often perform the different parts on an instrument when demonstrating his points, he will also discuss music theory and analysis that went into the making of the song and on top of all this, he will go into a bit of research and facts about the song.

All in all, he is one of my favorite YouTubers. He is consistent with his uploads and never fails to come up with cool and original ideas. I definitely recommend that you should check him out.