“Sean started playing guitar lessons with Liam in January 2019, and hasn’t looked back. Liam has a relaxed teaching style, with a calm and patient manner, which keeps the lessons fun and stress-free. He has taken the time to get to know Sean, involves him in the process of choosing what to learn and finds songs for him to learn that he enjoys. He also encourages him to take on challenging pieces and helps him through the tough bits, teaching him tips that keep him motivated. Liam’s knowledge and passion for music come through clearly as he teaches, and Sean is learning more than just the guitar – he is learning what will hopefully be a lifelong love and appreciation of music. We are really happy with the progress that Sean is making, and we would definitely recommend Liam if you are looking for a great guitar teacher!”

Belinda Burger
Mother of a 10-year-old student

“Liam is a great teacher. He has taught me so much and inspires me to learn guitar with a positive spirit.”

Sean Burger
Liam’s guitar student

“Liam is a very gifted guitarist who possesses an immense amount of musicality, but also the drive to work hard to ensure that he can become the best possible musician. I am proud of his results in his final Grade 12 Music examination, and particularly the high mark that he received for his practical examination (91%).

Liam’s patient nature will stand him in good stead as he begins his career as a music teacher.”

Elizabeth Retief
Head of Music: Elkanah House

Liam James Music School has been an amazing way for me to rediscover acoustic guitar. For over a year Liam has given me lessons from the comfort of my home during my busy schedule. Zoom lessons have also been hassle-free & effective. I would highly recommend the Liam James Music School if you are looking to begin music lessons or expand on your existing skills.

Liam’s guitar student.

Liam has such a wealth of knowledge, skill, and love for music that – coupled with his adaptable and accommodating method of teaching – makes for an effective and pleasant experience learning the electric guitar. I have been a student of Liam James Music School since July 2019 and have made such immense progress that I can absolutely vouch for the necessity of a good teacher, of which Liam comes highly recommended.

Liam’s ability to make you feel comfortable is such an appreciated trait for a teacher to possess, and in addition offers flexibility that suits the student whether the lessons are held online, at his home studio, or at the school premises. it is, therefore, this overall package that Liam James Music School offers that makes them so highly recommended.


Marlon Sasman
Liam’s guitar student