Question and answer with Siba Holani

When did you start playing guitar?

I started playing at the age of 15 so for about 8 years now.

Why the guitar and not another instrument?

The guitar was the first instrument I decided I wanted to learn because someone close to me played the guitar. I picked the guitar because it was the most convenient to learn. My mentor played guitar and taught me.

What was/is the most challenging part of playing the guitar?

The most challenging part of guitar I think is the first few months. They say practice makes perfect! You really need to get yourself going learning chords, how they work and then using them to learn your favorite songs. The pain on your fingers from developing callouses isn’t the best too! But I’d say it’s the first 1-3 months that test if the instrument for you.

Who are your guitar idols?

It varies but big influencers and mentors today are classic guitarists/artists like Joe Pass, Sam Cooke, Joao Gilberto and other artists of their ilk. I love how in their time they broke boundaries of what people thought they could do with their instrument in terms of musical harmony and chords.

Electric or acoustic?

Both. Instruments are designed for expression. If you need an acoustic, use it. If you need electric, use it. What matters is how you express yourself.

Your top 5 guitar solos?

I don’t have any favorite solos. I am more about improvisation and chords.

Who would you love to jam with?

I’d love to jam artists like Thundercat, Steve Lacy, Mac DeMarco, Tom Misch, etc

If you could have any guitar, which one would it be?

Anything Fender, Danelectro, Rickenbacker and Fano guitars

How do you define your teaching style?

I teach in a collaborative way. I work with my students to help them figure out what they want to achieve and give them the tools to do that. When they need advice, I try my best ability to guide them in the direction of their goals.

Top three tips for your guitar students?

  • Practice
  • Listen to music daily
  • Get out of your comfort zone