Liam’s Featured Artist #1 The Killers

According to my girlfriend, I’ve killed The Killers but according to me, that’s impossible. Heres why 

  1. Brandon Flowers Voice. Brandon Flowers is such a powerhouse vocalist with an excellent range and timbre and perfect diction. He also uses his voice to its full capabilities, whether it be his falsetto or his chest voice. Check out his falsetto in “Here with me – 04:17” crazy!
  2. Their unbelievable stage presence. The whole band works like a well-oiled machine. They are very engaging with the audience and often get them to participate in the show. They pretty much never play an off note and if you find yourself lucky enough to get to see the band play live, you will be smiling like you mean it.
  3. Their versatility. From emotional ballads like “Here with me” to party anthems like “Mr. Brightside” and everything in between. The Killers have never been scared to experiment with different sounds and genres. This is all while still maintaining a distinct sound that would be recognized by any fan.
  4. Their lyrics. The band songs tell stories and it is evident that the band makes a focussed effort in the writing process. It also helps that we can clearly hear their lyrics, thanks to Brandon’s amazing diction.
  5. Their musicianship. Dave Keuning is a brilliant guitarist and has produced some legendary riffs such as the opening riff in “Mr. Brightside”. Mark Stoermer is an excellent bassist and keeps the groove alive in the band. He is a versatile bassist and contributes to both the percussive side and the melodic side with his playing. Being originally a guitarist, he predominantly uses a guitar pick, which is why you will hear his signature punchy sounds. Ronnie Vanucci jr is one of my favorite modern-day drummers. He is the real driving force in the band and has produced some crazy grooves and fills. He really brings the rock grit to the band. I feel like you can find some of his best work in “When you were young”.

The Band has climbed its way up my list of favorite artists and has proved itself as one of the greatest bands of the 21st century. I definitely recommend that you check them out.

Fun facts

  • The band is the only international act to have a five-album streak to top the UK charts.
  • Mr. Brightside is the longest-charting song on the UK charts of all time.
  • Hot Fuzz is in the top 20 longest-charting albums on the UK charts.

Recommended listening

  • Mr. Brightside
  • Smile like you mean it
  • All the things that I’ve done
  • Human
  • Run for cover