Guitar Don’ts

  • Do not rush the basics – Perfect the basics before moving on to avoid difficulties in the future.
  • Do not neglect your guitar – Treat your guitar well. In order to get the guitar sounding and playing its best, it is import to take care of it. You can do this by frequently cleaning it, changing the strings when necessary and servicing it regularly.
  • Store your guitar carefully – Do not leave your guitar lying on the ground or precariously balancing on a chair or up against the wall; it takes one small bump and it could be seriously damaged. Put it away in its case or bag when not in use and store it safely.
  • Do not think that it will be easy – Guitar is a difficult skill and will take time to master. So don’t assume that you will pick it up right away. Patience will pay off.
  • Do not think that practising 5 hours one day is the equivalent to 1 hour each day – The most productive way to progress is to practice consistently.
  • Do not give up – Learning guitar is a long and difficult process and there may be challenging parts that make you lose motivation. This is the case with all difficult skills, as seen in the four stages of learning. If you work hard and persevere you will be able to do it.