At what age can my child start playing guitar?

Your child can start playing guitar as soon as he or she is big enough to hold a children’s guitar. However, playing the guitar requires concentration and commitment, and an understanding that it will take time, effort and practice to succeed. Some young children may not have the motivation and resilience to handle the challenge and pace of learning the instrument. Each child is unique, and should therefore be considered individually, what we do not want happening is a child gives up because they were not capable of coping due to their young age. It is therefore my opinion that formal training should start when a child is aged 6 or older.

However you can start instilling a love for and appreciation of music from an early age . Listen to and talk about music together, teach them to keep rhythm with fun games and dancing, or enrol them in general music or singing classes until they can comfortably hold a guitar. If your child is very keen and focused on the guitar, they can start having fun with the guitar and learning the basics, remember to teach them to to do so with respect for the instrument.