Acoustic or electric guitar?

There is a misconception out there that when first starting to play the guitar, you should start playing on an acoustic guitar. This is not true; both acoustic and electric guitars have their benefits for beginner guitarists, and before making your choice, I suggest you consider the following:

The benefits of starting on the acoustic guitar include:

  • It will generally cost you less (brand and quality dependent) than an electric guitar because you will not have to buy an amp and cables.
  • Playing acoustic guitar will strengthen your fingers faster than an electric guitar due to the thicker gauge strings and higher action.
  • Simpler to understand; electric guitars have additional features and switches that you will need to learn.
  • Sounds great without an amp!

The benefits of starting on an electric guitar include:

  • The smaller size makes it easier to play.
  • It will be easier to play finger chords and notes because the strings have a lower gauge and action.
  • Can create more sounds and tones such as distortion

In the end it all comes down to preference. My advice is to try out both before making your decision; consider each one’s benefits and see which suits you best.